Chrome Extensions  For content writers who usually make content writing assignments, of course, they need a set of tools that must be mastered. Moreover, if the written content is a digital marketing path, it requires clear goals and objectives. So content writers at least need the Google Chrome Extension to support writing work.

In the following, Barisanco will present the best Google Chrome Extensions that can help the performance of writers. This extension is at least very helpful for analyzing, for example related to keyword analysis especially its relationship with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But beforehand, please note that the Google Chrome Extension is a tool that is built based on artificial intelligence based on web technology that functions for browsing in the Chrome browser.

There are various benefits to installing the tools needed for content writer performance. So that this is a basic need, especially content writers who focus on digital marketing. One of the advantages of Google Chrome Extensions can be used in various browsers or search tools. For example, browsers in Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

The function of this extension besides making it easier for writing work, is to find out what is needed. For example, in the past, when ranking websites based on Alexa, content writers also installed Alexa extension tools to crawl websites so they were indexed by Alexa. But now that Alexa has closed the ranking, however, this extension can still be used, and even web rankings can still appear. However, web rankings are calculated globally.

4 Google Chrome Extensions

The following are 4 important Google Chrome Extensions to be installed on the Chrome browser useful for content writers:

1. MozBar

MozBar is an important extension for knowing website SEO. The extension is provided free of charge by the leading SEO company, Moz. The function of Moz is to help keyword research or keywords in an article on the website. Every extension installation in Chrome will appear above the right side of the browser. In addition to keyword optimization, the function of Moz is to determine the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of the website. Furthermore, the benefits of Moz are to find out the number of backlinks.

2. Similarweb

Similiarweb is a digital audience company that has been established since 2007. The benefits of extensions are almost the same as Mozbar but more detailed on website rankings. Want to know the position of the website, it’s worth trying the tools. Apart from that, the benefits of Similarweb are to find out the sources of website visitor traffic, keywords and also the visitor engagement ratio.

3. Ahref

As a content writer, this extension really helps writing performance. Known as the Ahref SEO Toolbar, it is a digital marketing analysis that is useful for finding out website audit reports. Also to find out the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) of the website as well as the URL ranking and backlinks. These tools have many benefits, but the various benefits that can be accessed must be paid. However, the free version of this extension is very suitable for content writers, making it possible to constantly study and analyze websites.

4. Keyword Surfers

This Google Chrome Keyword Surfer extension is very helpful for targeting keywords. Starting from related keywords, People Also Search For Keywords and long tail keywords. One of the SEO extensions that has the most complete features that can be seen from the insights on the search page. It is even able to read YouTube insights. So apart from content writers, the Surfer keyword extension is also useful for content creators.

Thus the Google Chrome Extension to help the performance of SEO and digital marketing writing, hopefully this is useful.