5 Skills to Make Your Net : When I first started my internet business I was sure I had none of the skills required to build an internet business from scratch. My previous experience had been managing security at a large corporate nightclub venue and then moving into property/real estate development. Neither of these two careers had required much knowledge of computers or the internet other than email, carrying out due diligence on my property purchases and some accounting.

5 Skills to Make Your Net Business Successful

There are a set of skills that you either have or will need to develop if you want to make a success of building a business opportunity from home. You may have them, or like me, you will need to grow your entrepreneurial skills as you go. I remember when I started my internet business I didn’t put much thought into what talents I would need. It wasn’t a case of disregarding the work involved to learn a whole new industry, instead it was the task of discovering where to go to find the right information I would need.

While my business has been developing I have learned that some talents I already had have helped me expand my internet business. Mainly my positive frame of mind and ability to take guidance from those who are more experienced in this area. I discovered skills I didn’t realize I had.

The difficult part for me, when I first started, was weeding out the fact from the fiction. We have all seen the emails and ads promising easy money online or the six figure income. The $97 dollar courses that produce automated cash. The reality is, like with any business, you need a set of skills to build and market a business, then the right marketing and sales techniques to sell a quality product. I am constantly learning and working on improving my weaknesses with my internet business and by passing on what I learn to others in return I develop new skills from them.

5 Skills to Make Your Net Business Successful

So what are the basic skills you will need to develop to succeed online?

1.) Self Management

With YourNetBiz, which is my internet business of choice, I set a work schedule each week. It may change from day to day, but it is essential as a home business owner to have a plan and schedule to work to each day. Working from home as your own boss offers far to many distractions. Children, pets, tv, telephone, partners.. all of them can keep chipping away at our concentration. Before you know it, the day has passed and you’ve not achieved anything. Be firm in your time management, and be sure your family and friends understand that you may be at home, but you are at work.

2.) Work Ethics

Many people come to me for the business mentoring and support we offer with our Team. 1 to 1 training and regular webinar conferences help people build on their skills to grow their business. However, I have seen too many people come to us for help but expect you to do it all for them. It becomes all to easy to lay every hurdle and problem they have down at the feet of their mentors and coaches rather than taking action themselves to find answers to their problems.

One of the beautiful things about working for yourself is not have a boss looking over your shoulder, but this can makes matters worse. There is work involved to make money online. As mentors and team leaders we are not here to do that work for you. More so, we are here to guide you on the right route and stop you failing by helping you avoid the mistakes we have made. With no clock, deadline or boss making sure you get things done on time it is essential you develop the right work ethic skills.

3.) People Skills

One of the skills you must develop in your online business is people skills. Surprising when you consider you are working behind the protection of a computer and the world wide web. But people skills are one of the strengths than can really push your internet marketing forward. The more confident you are the more you will drive sales. It has been proven time and time again, people don’t buy a business, they buy because of the person.

4.) Become a leader in your field

With an internet business you often work alone. You don’t have a large pool of employees or managers in different departments. It is your responsibility to manage and create the right environment for your customers. You must be seen as an expert in your niche area. Someone who has their foot on the driving pedal, who brings the latest news of new ideas and developments to your field. Developing your leadership skills will help make you an authority in your field and in turn drive customers to you who are looking for answers.

5.) Positive Mindset

In general, we are a very negative society. We don’t like to see people succeed. Why, because it often reminds us of why we have not made more for ourselves. The fear of failing all to often overrides the urge to take a step of out of comfort zone and try something new. Their isn’t a direct route to financial success on the net, you will often deviate from your path. But you must have the right frame of mind to keep looking for the path and

pushing forward. How you handle your upsets and failures will ultimately determine whether you achieve success or failure. The biggest entrepreneurs have a string of unsuccessful projects behind them , the difference is they don’t view them as failures, they view them as learning curves which helped them get to where they are today.

Negative energy will harm your business. That goes for friends and family to. You must surround yourself with positive people in order to build your own success. Work hard at developing a positive mindset.

I have used the above to help myself with my internet business, but also to help and mentor others within out team. When I first started, I had very little of the skills listed above. What I did have was a positive frame of mind and the willingness to learn. As time went by and my business grew I developed the other skills which in turn allowed me to teach them to others. Don’t be afraid to step off your path to get started, even if you think you are minus a few of the above skills. If you have the right coach and mentors they can help you fill those gaps until you develop them yourself.

Remember, this is not some quick route to riches. It may take 6 months, it make take a few years. Nothing in this life come easy. The old saying, if it was easy everyone would be doing it. Well, the truth is, the internet would like you to think it is easy and yes, everyone is trying it. But those that recognize the hard work and commitment that is required are the ones that are achieving success. 5 Skills to Make Your Net Business Successful