Caring for your skin and looking good involves three very important processes.

The processes we are talking about are; cleaning your skin properly, applying a moisturizer to it, and ensuring its protection.

Everything begins with cleanliness of course, for without it, all other processes would not be as effective or even work at all.

There are numerous skin care cleansers on sale, ranging from cheap to those which are exorbitantly priced. But you do not necessarily have to have those expensive items to achieve the results you desire.

To begin, first dissolve your makeup with an oil-based cream. This is a necessary step in the process to prepare your face prior to the application of the cleanser. When that’s done, any residue clogging up the skin pores will be removed when you apply the cleanser.

Make sure all traces of makeup are removed before going to bed. Makeup, left overnight, clogs up your pores and eventually causes all kinds of skin problems. There’s a saying, a night with your makeup on ages you by four; definitely something to avoid when on a “looking good” routine.

After washing, apply a good moisturizer. Remember, washing removes natural oils from your face whereas the moisturizer replaces it, and helps to keep your skin moist and soft.

Moisturize your face each day, and that includes the skin around your eyes and throat.

It’s also well known, if left unprotected against the elements, Maklon Kosmetik your skin will age fast. It goes without saying; you need to protect your skin against them too.

No doubt, when you were at school, you had been taught that sunlight is good for the skin. But too much of it, especially during this day and age, will cause damage to your skin, and it may prove irreversible.

Being exposed to the sun is particularly destructive, because UV rays penetrate tissues and are detrimental to the underlying collagen that supports the skin. 70% of skin aging has been attributed directly to the sun.

To help protect your skin against sun damage, choose day moisturizers that have suitable SPF sun protection factors. This is important when you intend to be out in the sun for some prolonged period.

And yes, have your moisturizers on too when driving on sunny days.

It doesn’t stop there. Apply balms, i.e moisturizers, to your lips to prevent them parching out and becoming chapped.

Put on sunglasses and apply eye creams to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes. There are creams especially designed to reduce aging signs around the eye area, typically the incidence of fine lines. You can get rid of puffiness, dark circles, and smoothen the delicate area around your eyes when such creams are applied daily.

Why emphasize on skin care? You want to look good and have all the benefits that come with it; confidence, success, respect… and more. Your skin is the largest and most observable organ of your body; protect it with the care it deserves. Think about it, isn’t it great to have a good looking skin? Sure it is, because it’s right there on your face… for all to see.